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Get The Results You Want With MyoSwell!

Creatine is the most popular muscle-building supplement in the world. It’s so popular because it has been proven to work, time and time again. Myoswell is the type of product that uses the success that creatine has to offer in building muscle, and takes it to the next level, aiding you to hit heights that have you have never seen before.

Myoswell has the formula to make you achieve the success that you have dreamed of. Myoswell uses the highest quality ingredients and forms of creatine to help you get the result that you are looking for. Most other creatine products give you mediocre ingredients and produce mediocre results. With Myoswell, you get only the highest quality ingredients for rapid, impressive results that last. You won’t be disappointed with the blend of Creatine HCl, Arginine Ehtyl Ester, R-ALA, Arginine AKG; Myoswell is the only creatine you will ever need.

You Won’t Fail With This Formula For Success!

Creatine HCL: Creatine HCL is a premium creatine that doesn’t convert into the toxin known as creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. Creatine HCL is absorbed into the body in larger amounts than other types of creatine which significantly lowers the necessary dosage needed while maintaining the same effects. Creatine HCL leads to a decrease in water retention, so you won’t feel bloated like other creatine products.

Arginine AKG: This is also known as Arginine Alpha-Keto Glutarate. Arginine AKG is a powerful muscle builder works by promoting amino acid synthesis and improves protein availability by helping to boost strength and improve muscle mass faster and more efficiently. Your body will break down and help improve your muscles forcing an increase in size, gains, and power which helps the body use creatine.

Arginine Ethyl Ester: When Arginine is added to the body it breaks it down to produce nitric oxide. As a nitric oxide this increases blood flow by widening blood vessels and helping nutrients reach your muscles faster. When you have more nutrition for your muscles, you will see bigger gains in your muscles. Ester helps increase absorption, prolongs the generation of nitric oxide, and extends the benefits of arginine over a larger period of time. Your body’s ability to increase muscle is enhanced and helps you recover faster with the presence of Arginine ethyl ester.

Containing potent fat incinerating compounds, Myoswell will also help you to reduce your body fat and increase lean muscle mass.

Chromium: Chromium is an essential mineral that helps regulate insulin in the transfer of glucose, amino acid, and fat in the bloodstream. Chromium supplementation works to replace vital minerals lost during strenuous exercise. Chromium works as a potent stimulus for muscular development and reduces fat.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is recognized for its ability to improve body composition. Cinnamon has been shown by The Ohio Research Group to significantly reduce body fat and increase lean body mass. Cinnamon also aids in speeding up the metabolism of fats and boosts muscle gains.

R-ALA: R-ALA is a portioning agent that channels more glucose to muscle cells instead of fat cells. By doing this, you will see leaner muscle mass for a long-term result. This ingredient is perfect for a well-balanced creatine that will help you make the muscle gains and strides that most users are looking for.

Customers Like You Love Their Results

“…Myoswell is a great product… I got harder, leaner muscle… I kept the results… other products just didn’t give me what they promised…”

Click on the video to hear Scott’s Story

*Results in Tetimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. All testimonials achieved results with a healthy diet and exercise.


“I’ve used XPI products for years. I first started out with Myotein and eventually used other XPI products like Myoswell, Myonox, and Syntheroid. I’ve tried other brand supplement products but nothing compares to XPI. Myoswell made my strength increase in the gym… You know the product is good when they guarantee it works or you can return it after you’ve used the bottle.”

– Peter Luo

*Results in Tetimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. All testimonials achieved results with a healthy diet and exercise.


“I’ve been using Myoswell for a while now, it’s hands down the best Creatine out there. I don’t feel no bloating or dizzyness. Out of all the creatine supplements, it’s the best I ever took. XPI is my favorite supplementing company, their the best hands down.”

– Steve Grant

*Results in Tetimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. All testimonials achieved results with a healthy diet and exercise.


“I’ve taken lots of creatines before and they just didn’t give me what they promised… It was heart-wrenching to know that you were putting all this time in at the gym and not getting the restuls. But, taking Myoswell gave me a boost because it was different from all the other creatines. I wasn’t getting the water retention or bloatin… but I was seeing results. I was adding more reps and going up in weight! Most importantly, I was ble to keep up the results even after I stopped taking Myoswell.”

– Scott

*Results in Tetimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. All testimonials achieved results with a healthy diet and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I expect results with Myoswell?

A. Users have seen a difference in as little as three days. However, everyone is different and the speed of muscle growth will vary depending on factors such as workout intensity, regimen, etc. Individual results will vary, but you can expect to see and feel a difference starting during the first week.

Q. Can I expect results without exercise?

A. To get the best results, you will need to exercise and diet. By exercising, you are speeding up the process it takes to build strong and healthy muscle. Myoswell is the best creatine product to get you to that peak of having strong and healthy muscles.

Q. What makes Myoswell better than other creatines?

A. Simply put, the formula. Myoswell was formulated to be the very best product ever made. With that in mind, you have the perfect blend of different types of creatine combined with ingredients that work. You will see the success that you are looking for in this unique blend of creatine.

Q. Do I need to cycle off of Myoswell?

A. There really is no cycling or loading phase required for Myoswell. However, creatine is most effective in moderation and we do suggest a couple weeks off every 3 or 4 months.

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